rubik's cube
Revelado Raw

Raw revealed

Settings of color,exposure,brightness,contrast,histogram adjustment , dead zones ...

igualado series fotográficas

matched series

Egalitarian adjustments in color, temperature for photographic series, preparation for exhibition.

Campaña publicitaria

advertising campaign

Creating feeling, ideal color temperature for existing advertising campaign by brief ...

estilos especiales para editoriales

style and trend

Variety of special styles for publishers like vintage, Lomo , urban effects ...

Postproducción publicidad

ADvertising Postproduction

Intregración outdoor photo whith studio pictures , set real shadow ...

bodegón Creativo

Creative still life 1

Intregración photo product / real environment, color changing objects , garments as brief ...

let's work?

Rather today than later, if you want to start to work with us , send today the form with your data and we will contact immediately and tomorrow you will have your retouched photos!. Welcome to ADdrenalina, your personal retouch service. Thanks !

We are photographers and professional retouchers, Master in image processing at IDEP we offer online services of retouching, from advertising postproduction, retouching black and white or restoration, retouching skin , clipping for publishers, matched lookboks , integrate 3D objects in HDR background ..

Contact +34 680 454 009

photoshop in action

We are aware that TIME is money, so we created this service of Express retouch for advertising agencies , photographers and fashion editorials, with more than 200 photoshop actions ready to apply, you just have to choose the action, send us your photos and we apply this action in less than 24 hours.

your personal retouch service

We will be happy to assist you, please send us an email with your details and all about what you need. You should also send us a brief or a reference to view the precise line retouching you need and a photo to make a test. Will send back the photo retouched with your style and whether it is to your liking the retouch of your photos will be in this line. So easy and fast! Thank you very much !